Aluminium Tube Bending

At JDR we offer a wide variety of fabrication options for aluminium tube. One such fabrication option is aluminium tube bending.
Depending on the desired outcome there are a number of bending methods that can be applied to aluminium tube. These are, Mandrel Bending, Crush Bending, Pressure Bending and Ring Rolling or Roller Bending.

Mandrel Bending

In cases where the profile of aluminium tube cannot be permitted to crush, or deform, at the point of bend, mandrel bending provides an elegant solution. By inserting a flexible mandrel into the tube the tube wall is supported during the bend operation and maintains its shape.

Crush Bending

Crush bending is often a viable solution where a medium to large diameter aluminium tube needs to be bent to a small radius. Bearing in mind that because bending any tube requires the tube to expand on the outside edge and compress on the inside edge there are limitations. Where tight bends may not be possible using other techniques without the tube snapping or cracking, crush bending overcomes this by indenting the inside edge of the tube thereby reducing the difference between the outside and inside edges and providing more flexibility at the point of bend for a smaller radius.

Pressure Bending

Pressure bending utilises hydraulic arms to bend the tube around a metal form. The metal form produces an accurate radius and supports the inside shape of the tube, while the hydraulic arms can be set to achieve the required angle of bend. Multiple bends can be achieved, by forming the tube through several passes, with accurate results.

Roller Bending

Also known as Ring Rolling, Roller Bending is capable of producing large radius bends, with a good degree of accuracy, making it the ideal technique for production of hoops, rings or arches. This type of bend can also be applied to swaged tubes, allowing production of hoops or arches that may be assembled or disassembled for smaller packages or portability.

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Aluminium Tube Bending
Aluminium tube can be pressure bent, to a small or medium radius, without crushing, even at right angles.

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