Long Tube Tapering and Rotary Swaging

Within our range of metal tube forming options we offer long length tube swages and tapers. By applying a controlled rotary swaging operation with our Stevens and Bullivant rotary swaging machines we are able to produce swages and tapers in larger diameter tubes and over a range of lengths. Our method can be applied to both steel or aluminium tube for a variety of end uses.

Large Diameter Aluminium Tube Cutting

Our recent investment in a new automatic feeder saw, for larger diameter aluminium tube, has increased the scope and capacity of our tube processing offer. This new equipment is a good example of how our investment strategy, which is driven by our continual focus on providing customers with the service level they require, has paid off in winning new business.

Aluminium Tube Bending

Depending on the desired outcome there are a number of bending methods that can be applied to aluminium tube. These are, Mandrel Bending, Crush Bending, Pressure Bending and Ring Rolling or Roller Bending.

Decorative Brass Tube

At JDR we take pride in our ability to bring together aesthetics, authenticity and engineering where customer requirements dictate. One example of this is our ongoing supply of decorative brass tube.

“Ali-Clad” Steel and Aluminium Composite Tube

Some heavier duty applications demand the strength of steel but without the accompanying dirty finish and tendency towards corrosion. While powder coating or plating afford some protection, over time the protective layer may become scratched or chipped reducing its corrosion resistant properties potentially resulting in unsightly bubbles and blemishes. A more durable option that combines steel’s strength with the shiny finish and low corrosion afforded by aluminium is “Ali-clad” tube.

Reasons to Specify Seam Welded Aluminium Tube

Apart from the excellent external finish, one of the great advantages of seam welded aluminium tube is the tight tolerance possible.

Steel and Ali-Clad Steel Cutting

JDR’s investment in a new saw for heavy duty general production applications has allowed us to increase our production capacity, and increase the share of turnover from cut steel and aluminium-clad steel parts.

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