Large Diameter Aluminium Tube Cutting

Our recent investment in a new automatic feeder saw, for larger diameter aluminium tube, has increased the scope and capacity of our tube processing offer. This new equipment is a good example of how our investment strategy, which is driven by our continual focus on providing customers with the service level they require, has paid off in winning new business.

As aluminium specialists we knew we needed a solution that could offer a nice clean cut when taking into account the thicker wall thicknesses found on larger diameter tubes and the different behavioural properties under the saw when compared to smaller tubes. We also required efficient throughput on the saw to allow us to offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Our new Tronzadoras MG GAA-500-90, with its 500mm blade, can accurately cut-to-length tube of up to 155mm (6.1″) diameter to a tolerance of +/-0.05mm, well within the usual requirements for tubes of these dimensions. Precise control of the cutting feed rate supports our quality commitment by allowing us to refine the cut to suit the material thickness and grade, while the integral blade stroke limiter and hydro-pneumatic feeding supports our efficiency and throughput.

We recognise the need to invest in order to provide the quality and speed of service our customers require and our careful financial management continues to allow us to invest quickly at the right time.

To find out how JDR can help you with aluminium tube cutting please call us on 02476 326 585 and we’ll be happy to help.

Large Diameter Aluminium Tube Cutting
Our new GA-500-90 Automatic Feeder Saw allows us to increase throughput of large diameter Aluminium Tube cut lengths.

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