Long Tube Tapering and Rotary Swaging

Within our range of metal tube forming options we offer long length tube swages and tapers. By applying a controlled rotary swaging operation with our Stevens and Bullivant rotary swaging machines we are able to produce swages and tapers in larger diameter tubes and over a range of lengths. Our method can be applied to both steel or aluminium tube for a variety of end uses.

Rotary swaging is capable of producing parts that retain their tensile strength, making them suitable for a variety of applications where this structural property is important. Apart from the engineering properties, of this type of swage, long sweeping tapers also have aesthetic appeal, where the appearance of parts may be of high importance, such as for components in furniture, architectural details or product design.

Swaged and tapered tube can be powder coated, or polished and plated, to ensure the finish you require.

To find out how JDR can help you with steel or aluminium tube tapering cutting please call us on 02476 326 585 and we’ll be glad to assist.

Long Tube Tapering and Rotary Swaging

Raw large diameter aluminium tube tapered over a long distance using our rotary swaging facility prior to coating.

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