Steel and Ali-Clad Steel Cutting

JDR’s investment in a new saw for heavy duty general production applications has allowed us to increase our production capacity, and increase the share of turnover from cut steel and aluminium-clad steel parts.

Our specialism in tube products goes beyond aluminium to include steel tube and ali-clad tube – a composite tube made up of a steel core and an aluminium shell. Increased demand for steel and ali-clad tube meant we had to increase our cutting capacity for these products.

As cutting specialists we knew that steel and aluminium can have different requirements for a nice clean cut, on account of steel being a harder material than aluminium. The saw we invested in would need to deal with this challenge when cutting the ali-clad steel and aluminium composite tube. At the same time we wanted to increase throughput on the saw and have the capability of accurate mitre cutting.

We found that Addison Saws was able to provide the ideal solution in the Sirio 370 SH-E. The digital head-stroke setting and synchronised pneumatic vice help to increase throughput, while the saw permits mitre cuts of up to 60°.

We recognise the need to invest in order to provide the quality and speed of service our customers require and our careful financial management allowed us to invest quickly at the right time. This meant a short lead time between the management decision to buy and our customers benefiting from our increased production saw capacity.

To find out how JDR can help you with aluminium and steel tube cutting, mitre cutting, or ali-clad tube, please call us on 02476 326 585 and we’ll be happy to help.

Steel and Ali-Clad Steel Cutting

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